Friday, June 21, 2013

Segovia: Those Romans! They'll get you every time!

Weeks and weeks and weeks ago we spent a Saturday in Segovia.  It is a City that has been home to Romans, and Kings and Queens of Spain.  It lost its importance due to a rebellion during one of Spain's many civil wars.

The roman aqueduct.  Nothing shy of impressive.  Built in the first century, at its tallest it is 16 meters and was fully functional until about 30 years ago.  Of course it is made just by stacking perfectly shaped rocks, no cement for the Romans!  This was my favorite part of the city.
The Cathedral.  Beautiful inside and out.  These really are sacred places.
The Castle on a hill.  So fairy tale like.

A whole room just for weapons.  Every boys dream.

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  1. Love this and YOU!! Pleasure to view it and love the exciting Views! Missed you and Bummer. See you soon enough!